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Keeping Active with a New Baby

Being in constant care of a new baby could mean spending lots of time on the couch to cuddle, feed or entertain. Although this may be just what the doctor ordered after childbirth, when doc says it’s OK to get moving take the advice and get active! It is the simplest way to boost your spirits and get more energy to keep up with a growing baby.

There are several ways to keep moving without having to venture out of your home. The most common form of new mommy exercise would be the “walk and cuddle.” Simply hold your baby close and walk around the house stopping at all points of interest and describing them to your baby. Colorful magnets on the refrigerator are always a hit along with taking a peek out of a window to watch birds at a feeder or snow falling. Always be careful not to let your baby touch anything that may be a health hazard such as a small object that could be swallowed.

Don’t limit your time up on your feet to just walking. Put on some soothing music and dance with your baby. Your baby will love the graceful fluid motion of the dance and the cuddle time with you. Add to that your singing, no matter how fabulous your voice and you’ve got yourself a workout that will be truly enjoyed by both you and baby.

Newborn babies spend most of their day sleeping and if you’ve got the energy this is a great time to catch up on all of those fitness DVD’s you’ve got stowed away, maybe some of them still in the plastic. Start small and never exceed doctor’s recommendations. Even a 10 minute low impact workout can be enough to boost your spirits and give you that second or third wind for the day.

Walking is great exercise, whether done indoors holding baby or out with baby in a stroller. Taking baby for a walk outside in a stroller has more than just the workout benefit. Sometimes this is just the miracle you could be looking for to get an overtired bundle of joy to sleep while you get to enjoy a refreshing walk, a change of scenery and some quiet time. It is a wonderful way to break up the day and to meet your neighbors, not to mention that making this a part of your daily routine will get you well on your way to fitting back into your “before pregnancy” wardrobe!

Playtime with your baby is spent mostly on the floor. Maximize this time by doing a few simple floor exercises during play. A quick abdominal workout can be accomplished simply by lying on the floor next to baby and doing sets of crunches while reciting baby’s favorite nursery rhymes. Mix it up with your favorite moves from fitness DVD’s and magazines and you may be surprised at how quickly a total floor routine can be accomplished all while entertaining your baby.

As with all exercise programs it is recommended to talk with your doctor before starting. Staying active is essential for healthy living and improves your mental outlook and stamina for keeping up with a growing baby. It will also show a great example for your child to follow and aid in lowering the risk of being overweight.

Get creative and find new ways to stay active with your child as they grow and develop. This will not only keep the two of you healthy and fit, but will also strengthen the bond between mother and child that will last a lifetime.

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Preparing for Baby’s First Month

The anticipation of child birth is unparalleled by any other feeling in a person’s life. It is because of this, in my opinion that expecting couples make several trips to their nearest retail giant or infant specialty store and purchase on pure impulse rather than need. The feeling that something has been overlooked can be so intense that it becomes more and more difficult to determine what is necessary and what is a luxury.

With that being said, an infant rear-facing car seat is completely necessary. If the birth takes place at any location other than the parent’s home, the baby will need a safe seat to be transported home in. Not to mention doctor appointments and family visits.

The first question that should be answered before the baby arrives is most simply stated as, bottle or breast? The answer to this question will have the most impact on baby purchases made. The amount of bottles needed for example, depends directly on just how often the parent plans on washing dishes. An infant may need a feeding every 2 to 4 hours of less than 4 ounces of formula. These smaller feeding amounts are often easier to manage with the smaller 4 ounce bottles available. Try not to go overboard on the amount of these bottles purchased. Babies grow at rapid speeds and in just a couple months may be in need of a larger feeding which will justify using the larger 8 ounce bottles. Following manufacturer’s recommendations of proper care of these bottles will give the benefit of reusing them right up until they are no longer needed and replaced by the glorious “sippy cup.”

If breast feeding is the method of choice, the cost drops drastically. Deleting the purchase of formula alone each week is impressive, not to mention the cost of bottles and the accessories that follow. Breast feeding is a very natural and loving method of providing vital nourishment to an infant with a very tangible benefit of saving money.

Clothes and diapers are two very real necessities for a newborn baby, however the amount spent on them may vary drastically from household to household depending on the need for a brand name label. A newborn baby will most likely have its diaper changed with each feeding. This could calculate into 10 to 12 diapers per 24 hours. Given the amount being “deposited” into the diapers, I never realized the need to buy the expensive brand name disposable diapers for everyday use at home and instead opted for generic low cost disposable diapers. I did however keep a package of the expensive brand name diapers on hand to use for trips to relative’s houses where an overflowed diaper accident would not be appreciated. Using this method helped cut down on diaper costs and embarrassing moments.

This same method can be used to cut costs on infant clothes as well. It is so difficult to walk by a display of infant clothing that just looks “so adorable” and not want to purchase the clothing for a newborn. Go ahead and splurge, a little bit, and save the special outfits for family outings. Discount and consignment store infant attire can be just as stylish and appropriate for those times home relaxing with the family.

Infant entertainment can send a parent’s budget spiraling out of control. From floor toys to crib mobiles to educational DVD’s, and let’s not forget the bouncing and rocking chairs and swings, it’s all there promising the world and waiting patiently to be purchased. Unfortunately it has been my experience that not all that is available is necessary or even wanted by all babies. My best advice is to wait on these purchases until after the baby is born and the parent is able to justify the actual need for the item. For example, if a baby has a difficult time napping during the day in its crib, an infant swing may be just the right transitional item to lull the baby to sleep during the day while allowing the parent have their hands free. However, a baby that would rather sleep in its crib would have little need to be in a swing. During a baby’s first month, parents often get a handle on what captivates their individual child’s attention and what just does not. It is a lot easier to wait on the more expensive infant entertainment purchases than it is to pack up an already assembled so-called miracle worker baby soother and return it back to the store, provided the receipt hasn’t been thrown away!

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